Boquete, Chiriquí, Panama


You are adventurers, connoisseurs and explorers? Boquete is incredibly lively, colorful, covered with plants and has many exquisite restaurants. The real Pura Vida awaits you!

This is the right place for you. Only 1.5 hours drive from Las Lajas comes the magnificent mountain village of Boquete. The beautiful village, right next to the volcano Baru, has many highlights to offer. Numerous coffee fincas invite you to feast and enjoy. Here you can climb jungle trails in search of the famous Quetzal bird, zipline through the treetops, book rafting tours or ride through the beautiful landscape on horseback.

Waterfalls in our region Chiriqui

Chiriqui is one of the greenest regions of Panama. Therefore, there are naturally many areas with numerous freshwater springs and breathtaking waterfalls. If you want to enjoy a cool bath in the springs and enjoy the fantastic nature with its many animals and different plant species, you will reach the many enchanting places in the mountains in a short time. From here you can also, for example, go in search of the local bird species and climb the volcano Baru.

Gualaca, Boquete and Cerra Punta are the best places to visit for waterfalls and unique hikes.

Coffee Plantations/ Finca Lerida in Boquete:

The delicious smell of freshly roasted and excellent coffee beans already rises to your nose during the comfortable drive to Finca Lerida in Boquete. Above the roofs of the colorful town high up in the mountains you will reach a place of pleasure for all senses. An enchanting café and an exquisite restaurant invite you to enjoy coffee and delicious food. Above the finca, which impresses with its large grounds and thousands of flowers and plants, there are great hiking trails. An incredible number of hummingbird species can be found on the grounds and in the cloud forests. Toucans, the quetzal, coatis and the famous howler monkeys can be seen here regularly and offer fantastic experiences.

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