Boca Chica Whale Watching

Boca Chica

Only about 45 minutes by car (or shuttle bus) from Las Lajas, another paradise opens up amidst secluded bays, islands with white sandy beaches, mangroves and ocean openings. Boca Chica is one of the sunniest regions in Panama and is well developed for tourism.

Tours to the humpback whales (season end of August to November) which give birth to their calves in the shallow bay, adventurous canoe trips to the true island feeling and guided fishing tours inspire every vacationer’s heart. Also snorkeling tours and dives are organized here for small groups and here you can admire the impressive underwater world still intact and undisturbed.

Howler Monkeys on Boca Brava

Cover your ears, because now it gets really loud. Howler monkeys live in the treetops of the tropical rainforest and can be heard for miles through the jungle. Their calls reach a volume of 100 decibels, some animals even manage 140 decibels, which is about as loud as a circular saw or a jackhammer! Howler monkeys attract attention with their roar and drive away entire flocks of birds. However, their roar is not just pure show-off, but fulfills a very important function for the animals: They can communicate with each other in the densely overgrown jungle by roaring. Since the animals feed mainly on nutrient-poor leaves and are not particularly strong, the animals delimit their territories with their roars in order to avoid energy-sapping physical fights with other conspecifics. Individual howler monkeys looking for a new group can thus find them more easily and communicate with them whether they are welcome or should move on.

Not far from Las Lajas you can visit the howler monkeys by boat on the many islands off the coast and watch them having a comfortable nap in the palm and tree tops or keep them busy with emitted sounds.

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